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Vestibular Therapy

Ever experience bouts of dizziness? Increased motion sensitivity? Or frequent loss of balance? If you have you may be a good candidate for vestibular rehabilitation. As physical therapists, we treat a wide variety of vestibular conditions including but not limited to: Benign Paraoxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), unilateral hypofunctions, cervicogenic dizziness, post concussive syndromes, and post stroke.

Here at Upper Perk Physical Therapy, we start with a comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint your specific needs and then tailor a program to address those deficits. Our programs include a combination of canalith repositioning techniques, VOR(vestibular ocular reflex) training, static and dynamic balance training and functional strengthening to get you back to doing the things most important to you. Chronic dizziness is not something you have to suffer with. Call to set up your evaluation today!


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