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"I came here not being able to do pushing, pulling or housework. Thanks to the very capable staff, they recognized what needed to be worked on. I now feel I can continue to improve on my own by going to the gym and using the equipment there to strengthen these areas. I am very pleased with UP Physical Therapy." - DQ

"I feel that I really benefitted from my physical therapy. I am anxious for the time to arrive that I can do the things I'm used to doing without pain in my arm muscles. I continue to work with weights at home." - MS

"The discipline of therapy provided by the staff at UPPT has improved my back, knees, and attitude so much that I will continue a weekly program under The Silver Sneakers provided at UPPT. What I learned at UPPT with regard to maintaining my back, knees, legs and whole body has made me feel physically much better. I thank Jay and his staff for a pleasant and fulfilling experience." - WC

"After several months of shoulder discomfort, UP Physical Therapy has done a great job getting me back into good shape again. My shoulder is pain free. I have full use and flexibility again. In a short 5 weeks I am back pretty much to normal. I have been given a shoulder/arm exercise routine to continue building my arm strength. Thank you!" - BS

“As a result of all the stretching and lifting I received here, I feel like my arm in in great shape. UPPT has really helped me with my range of motion and gave me several exercises I can continue to do - JA“

“Physical therapy has made it possible for my left arm to better function. Though not a complete cure for my discomfort, having a better understanding of the problem has been helpful. - EE“

“Again my experience with UPPT was every bit as good as my first time through when I needed rehab/recovery for both of my knees. Their attention to detail, personalized program, as everyone's is somewhat different, the concerned friendly way in which they encourage you thru recovery is nothing but first rate. - PJ“

“I came in with serious pain in my spine, shoulder/arm, and neck. I see that with the help and care of Jay and his staff they helped me to recover from my pain. They focused on my concerns and asked all the right questions and with their professional help was able to help me recover. - BH“

“When I got here I could barely walk and could not stand up straight. Starting with ultrasound and ice-stim I gradually got better and started riding the bike and doing a lot of stretching just continued getting better. Everyone was very supportive and encouraging, and now I have no pain and feel great. - BK“

“The staff was very professional and caring. I enjoyed the tasks assigned to me. It was enjoyable to be able to be hlped by all of the staff. If I have another problem, I will definitely return. - HJ“

“I came here with major neck and back pain from a car accident. After finishing three months of therapy not only do I not have any pain, I feel that I am in the best shape I have been in over the past 15 years!” - TK

“Jay, Steve and all the trainers made me feel very welcome” – PH

“The Physical Therapy has given me a lot more motion in my left shoulder as well as strength. Thank you for the patience and help to get my shoulder to a point that I haven't been at for over 5 years” – MS

“When I started therapy I was feeling pain in my right shoulder. After 3 weeks of therapy the shoulder pain is gone.”

“All of the Staff went out of their way to make my experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible” – SS

“I have recommended you to all of my friends.” – DG

“My results at Upper Perk Physical Therapy have been very good, I no longer have any pain in my right knee. I am very happy with the results” – BO

“I came in with bad headaches. Now, there is no pain in my neck, no more headaches. My range of motion is much better and no pain through my shoulders. I also have better posture.” – MW

“I have more use of my legs again.” -JW

“I have improved reach and flexibility of my arms.” – RW

“I am so pleased with the results of my therapy. When I started in February I had a lot of pain in my neck, upper back and left shoulder. I was having trouble putting on a sweater and coat. I also couldn’t move my arm up high. Now the pain is almost gone and my neck and shoulder is so much better. Thank you to everyone who helped me. I am sure you heard this before; why didn’t I come to you sooner for help? Jay Kauffman and his staff are very good and I enjoyed going to each of my appointments.” – JS

“When I began, I was in a lot of pain everyday. I could barely walk for more then 5 minutes. Now I feel fabulous! I am rarely in pain. When I do feel any pain, I can easily stretch it out and get it to go away. The physical therapists literally gave me my life back.” - CJ

“When I first came to Upper Perk Physical Therapy I could not do very much with my right arm. I injured my right shoulder doing a chore around the house which I had no business doing. Since coming to therapy three times a week, I am happy to say I am absolutely fine. The people here know what they are doing. All of them. They are also very patient, kind and friendly. I can’t praise them enough for what they did for me. During my time her, I have observed how the therapists are with every one and I know everyone is given the very best treatment possible. I thank them for all their help to get me better.” - AK

“I was given an appointment the same day as I called with sharp stabbing pain in my lower back/hip area. this was greatly appreciated and certainly put me on a quicker note to getting rid of the pain.” - DS

“Thanks for referring me to Physical Therapy with Jay. I feel my achilles tendon isn't as tender and with very little pain. The exercises really do help.” - CK

“I have gotten much relief from the pain resulting from a ruptured disc and a bulging disc. I took physical therapy, and then continued in the Fitness Program including the pool. I have also experienced more range of motion and more strength in my legs. I would estimate my overall improvement at 60% to 75% better in the 1 ½ years I’ve participated. Having fun is an added bonus. I credit and thank the helpful staff.” - SK

“I have been able to maintain remarkable mobility in my hands, wrists and shoulders with the exercises and use of many tools, machines geared to my needs and manipulation of the many joints of my hands. Three visits a week have proved to be very beneficial.” - ET

“Since the beginning of therapy four weeks ago, I have seen tremendous improvement. My pain has subsided and I am feeling strong and energetic.” - CD

“Since I have been coming to physical therapy my flexibility has improved and I feel a lot better. Great job!” - RB

“When I started therapy, I had much swelling, my range of motion was limited and I could not walk very far without pain. Through a gradual increase in activity and exercise I have shown much improvement in all areas. The staff was very competent, supportive and encouraging” - CB

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