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Aquatic TherapyFor the millions of Americans suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic pain, there's new hope for pain relief and symptom reduction. Aquatic therapy allows the benefits of gentler exercise in the soothing buoyancy of warm water. The water also provides gentle and continuous resistance for building strength and flexibility. View our aquatic photo gallery.

The healing power of water.
When you're hurt and in pain, you deserve every opportunity to overcome your injury or impairment and get back to living your life. That's where aquatic therapy come in. The area's only therapy team to offer aquatic therapy programs and facilities is Upper Perk & New Hope Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab.

Aquatic therapy promotes a more complete & quicker - recovery.
In a pool, your body weight is decreased, reducing stress on weight-bearing joints like the lower back, hip, knee, ankle and foot. This permits motion sooner after an injury or surgery, which helps increase strength, range of motion, flexibility and endurance as early as possible.

In addition, our pool's heated water relaxes muscles and promotes better range of motion. The pressure of the surrounding water helps circulation and can reduce swelling and decrease tenderness while improving range of motion. In addition, the water increases resistance in all directions (not merely downward, as with gravity), creating overall improvement in balance and strength.

Effective relief & rehabilitation for a variety of disorders.
• Arthritis • Athletic injuries
• Chronic pain • Fibromyalgia
• Joint replacement • postsurgical rehab • Neck& back pain• Orthopedic problems • Scoliosis

Aquatic therapy with you in mind.
• Comfortable, heated, accessible pool with adjustable shallow end for greater flexibility with exercises
• Close patient supervision
• One-on-one instruction

Therapeutic exercise.
While many patients benefit from using resistance machines, free weights and other exercise equipment to encourage flexibility and strength, many others gain greater benefits from water-based exercise and rehab.

Because no two patients are the same, your specific treatment program may use one, two or several therapies and/or modalities to help relieve pain and add flexibility and movement to your life. Please ask us for more information about treating your condition and pain with comprehensive aquatic physical therapy. We invite you to call for an appointment. We also welcome your referrals.

*Available only at our Upper Perk location.*

To learn more about how we can help you with your condition, please call us at 215-679-0105 in Upper Perk.


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