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Exercise Videos

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Upper Perk PT Exercise Videos

Exercise Videos Table of Contents (sign up to get access to):
Supime Stabilization and Arm Lifts
Neck Exercises - Chin Tuck
Neck Exercises - Upper Trap Stretch
Neck Exercises - Lateral Flexion Stretch
Neck Exercises - Extension Stretch
Neck Exercises - Rotation Stretch
Neck Exercises - Shrugs
Shoulder Flexibility - Posterior Deltoid Stretch
Shoulder Flexibility - Towel Stretch
Shoulder Flexibility - Seated External Rotation Stretch
Shoulder Flexibility - Supine External Rotation Stretch
Shoulder Flexibility - Internal Rotation Stretch
Shoulder Flexibility - Table Stretch (Flexion)
Shoulder Flexibility - Table Stretch (Abduction)
Shoulder Strengthening - Side Lying External Rotation
Shoulder Strengthening - Side Lying Internal Rotation
Shoulder Strengthening - Shoulder Press
Shoulder Strengthening - Shoulder Flexion
Shoulder Strengthening - Shoulder Abduction
Shoulder Strengthening - Behind the Back Lifts
Shoulder Strengthening - Seated External Rotation
Shoulder Strengthening - Prone Horizontal Abduction
Shoulder Strengthening - Prone Shoulder Extension
Shoulder Strengthening - Chest Press
Shoulder Strengthening - Upright Row
Shoulder Resistance Band Exercises - Internal Rotation
Shoulder Resistance Band Exercises - External Rotation
Shoulder Resistance Band Exercises - Rows
Shoulder Resistance Band Exercises - Shoulder Extension
Shoulder Resistance Band Exercises - Shrugs
Shoulder Resistance Band Exercises - Shoulder Abduction
Shoulder Resistance Band Exercises - Chest Press
Shoulder Resistance Band Exercises - Shoulder Adduction
Shoulder Resistance Band Exercises - Shoulder Flexion
Elbow Exercises - Extension Stretch
Elbow Exercises - Flexion Stretch
Elbow Exercises - Bicep Curls (Supination)
Elbow Exercises - Reverse Curls
Elbow Exercises - Hammer Curls
Elbow Exercises - Supine Elbow Extension
Wrist Exercises - Prayer Stretch
Wrist Exercises - Flexion Stretch
Wrist Exercises - Supination Stretch
Wrist Exercises - Wrist Extension Curls
Wrist Exercises - Pronation Stretch
Wrist Exercises - Wrist Flexion Curls
Wrist Exercises - Radial Deviation Curls
Wrist Exercises - Supination/Pronation

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